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Code Red Co. ends the silence surrounding menstrual health and sanitation through a revolutionary movement dedicated to supporting and empowering women by providing them with sanitary resources and encouraging them to live fearlessly.

About Code Red

Code Red is an organization that serves to provide personal care and feminine products to homeless women, while promoting awareness surrounding menstrual hygiene as well as global dangers that affect women at large. The packages not only raise consciousness about homelessness, but also include information about human trafficking dangers. 

A lack of feminine products and healthy ways to manage woman's periods is a large and neglected issue in the world. Sanitary products play a crucial role around important issues such as hygiene, health, education, protection and security of young women and girls in a state of emergency. In order to aid in this issue we try to make sure these women have access to the products. Code Red is more than just giving hygiene products to every homeless woman in the community, it serves a basic human right to sanitation and comfort ability.    

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Founder of Code Red

Ileri Jaiyeoba first started Code Red when she was 15. As a teen with Endometriosis going through her period was a hassle. She could not imagine going through her period without access to menstrual products like many women who are homeless or low-income do. As she started volunteering at homeless shelters she noticed a necessary need that was not being noticed, Menstrual products. Ileri started creating packages with the help of her friends in a coffee shop after school. Since then the Code Red team has grown and Ileri had been able to be mentored by Pamela Bell the founder of Prinkshop. With the help of organizations like the  ANNpower Vital Voices Initiative , Three Dot Dash Initiative  and   GenHERation , Code Red has gone nationwide distributing over 2,000 packages a year.


100% Handmade Care Packages

Care packages are split between a small packages and large packages. Each small package distributed to the women in need contain four thin pads, 3 liners, an four to six tampons. Each large package comes 3 thin pads and 3 to four large pads. Though packages are separated between tampons and pads each package contains and infographic warning about the dangers of sex trafficking, soap, sponge, wipes, and a toxic shock syndrome warning. We are currently working on expanding our project and incorporating health pamphlets and menstrual cups.

All Code Red packages are hand made with love and care. We want for whoever receives the package to go forth and be empowered in all they do. The red bow symbolizes awareness and a feminist energy. All products are created by the hands of Code Red Team members.